10 Reason to Visit Oliveri, Sicily

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Oliveri is a marvelous place to visit and here are ten reasons as to why this magical place is worth the time and effort. There is no particular order in which they all should appear because it depends on what you would like to experience from your visit. Let us assure you that what ever reason your is to visit Oliveri, that reason will probably be mentioned below.

The History

    • We finally went to visit the Black Madonna of Tindari, which stands 6 Km away from the city of Oliveri. We undertook a local path built by Oliveri’s commune as explained by another fantastic local, ‘Giuseppe’ and his wife. He explained that it was built especially for the locals, by the locals, for the parade to the ‘Black Madonna Festival’ every September so that they didn’t have to undertake the usual route which took double the amount of time to walk, however, although we were warned it is 180 metres above sea level, we decided to still undertake the walk.

    • We promise you that this walk is worth the sweat. Photos show the views from the strenuous walk. Also, we had two runners who passed us whilst we were walking up, I would safely say that we were half way up the path when they ran up the hill and they came running back down and passing us on their way back down when when we had still not reached the top, with at least another 30 ft to reach the top.

    • Tindari is of Greek origin which was founded by Elder Dionysius at around 396-395 BC. The other settlers of Tindari and Oliveri were those from Naupactus, Zacynthus and the Peloponnese, all of whom had became exiled into Messina and redirected to Tindari. In 257 BC at the Battle of Tyndaris, which took place between the tindarians and the Romans from the Liparaenian Islands, the Tindarians and the city of Oliveri began to fall in favour of an Roman alliance but the Carthanagians held the Tindarians hostage.

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    • Then, in 254 BC Tindari joined in alligience with Rome when Palermo was captured and besieged by the Roman fleet under Gaius Atillius Regulus. Again, in 36 BC Tindari had become part of a war between Sextus Pomeius and Octavian to which was won by Agrippa with his naval victory at Mylea and then he began an offensive warfare with Pompey.

    • The Black Madonna was thought to have appeared around the 8th and the 9th Century during the Icoloclism period initiated by Emperor Leo III. During this period the Byznatine smugglers were forced three times to unload their load at the local abbey for safekeeping due having been caught in the storm.

    • However, by the nineteenth century, Tindari had become deserted and had lost its population of 5000 people. Never the less, the town retained its name with the church that still stands on the hill ‘Madonna di Tindaro’, which stand 180 metres above Tyrrhenian Sea level.

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Orange sorbet flavored with Burton vanilla, lemon and cinnamon.

Several times per week we decided to treat ourselves to these wonderfully tasting pastries. They were so delicious we decided to do a write up about them. Tom, had met this wonderful gentleman named Giovanni who translated what Tom was trying to say as our Italian does not yet reach the standard of putting together a whole sentence. So, on deciding to write about the gelateria, the ice cream parlour, myself and Tom went back again and asked their permission. What we had not realised was that the pastries and their ice creams tasted so delicious because they had the previous year, in 2016, won the best ice cream award for the whole of Sicily. As it turns out, we were at Sicily’s best ice cream parlour.

On our visit to ask their permission to do the write up, we took photos of the ice cream parlour, their pastries and most exciting time of all was talking to the staff:

This is definitely a place to visit Oliveri for. The best ice cream parlor in Sicily, they have 54 different varieties Ice Creams to choose from and the best pastries and best of all the best and most friendliest people.

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More can be read on This blog click this link

The Beach

La Tonnara Di Oliveri – The tuna trap of Oliveri.

Just 10 feet from the place we have been staying: La Tonnara di Oliveri, which translates as ‘The Tuna Trap of Oliveri’, we are right on the beach that we spoke about on our first blog entry for the journey: First Week in Oliveri and our Second Week but today we have photos for all to see and enjoy. Another great reason to visit Oliveri.

The beach is full of fishermen and their boats blanketting the beach during different times of the day and surface the Tyrrhenian sea during other times. Spectacular views of the adjacent Islands on the Tyrrhanian sea, the Lipari Islands, Santa Mariana Salina Island, Filicudi and the furthest Island to the North, Alicudi Island with its nature reserves.

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The Supermercato Sidis Oliveri.

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From day one, no matter how busy they were they always helped us or any one else who needed the help, whether it was to find what we wanted, learning how to say something in Italian and most of all they were generally extremely welcoming. No matter what we needed Sidis had got it and at a very decent price.

The photos shows the staff of Sidis, each of whom helped us with a smile. Both myself and Tom were always looked after by them. They were amazing. The photo above shows


The Butchers, The Vegetable Mongers and The Tobacconist:

Any one coming to Oliveri just has to visit the butchers, their meat is delicious. The vegetable shops had amazing array of assorted fruits and vegetables. The tobacconists were helpful and kind, one in particular, who was practicing his English language so he could go and work for Ryanair. His English was amazing, his communication skill was fabulous and he always smiled as he spoke to us, we wish him the best as we are sure he will make a wonderful steward.

The Architecture

The whole community’s housing architecture is amazing, when you walk around the village you are encountered with beautiful buildings all painted in different colours.

Even, where we are stopping, Tonnara di Oliveri, the entire compound resembles a paradise and we have been given excellent hospitality.

Our Wonderful Hosts and Tom

Restaurants, Pizzerias and bars

DSCN2207.JPGWe did have a pizza for 9 Euros from Donna Rosa, we opted for the McDonald’s pizza, it had chips, meat and cheese and it was massive and so tasty, worth a visit.

The restaurants bars have fantastic meat/fish menus all ranging from from 14 to 20 Euros and definitely worth spending on. The locals all meet in the square bar and catch up on their events, all waving hello or Ciao as you pass them. All willing to help you when you are trying to find somewhere or something. Definitely worth visiting Oliveri for.

The Wildlife and Nature

The whole wildlife is present every where we go. Whether we are on the beach, the hills or the village itself. It is just superb to see all in its bloom. The images will show you just how the nature in Oliveri is worth a visit.

The Market.

The market in Oliveri is on Wednesday and is stocked with clothes, food, cleaning materials, wool, fish and vegetables and so forth. The markets are worth visiting when they offer the locals and their visitors their best resources available to all in Oliveri.

The Locals

Well, although I have listed the locals last they should be the first on the list. It is unusual to visit somewhere and to be welcomed like Oliveri’s locals has made us feel. They have been so helpful and inviting we are sorry to be saying goodbye to them all. Not once were we treated as if we were tourists, they treated us with respect and utter kindness. We will never forget their generosity.

Although, we have enjoyed our visit we have decided that we will be doing a HelpX working in an accommodation business in Palermo to save the little money we have left. We are also looking to do ‘House Sitting’ and have registered with Hospitality Club (Hospitalityclub.com),it has a free membership run and it is run by volunteers across the world, this will allow us to save more money. We are looking forward to working in Palermo but we will miss our beautiful place and Oliveri’s locals, especially Giovanni for being so kind to us and translating for us and our host Santina, thank you all!!

My writing will continue and we hope that you will revisit us and follow us whether on this website or on Facebook.

Thank you all those from Oliveri, this has been a great month. We have five days left and who knows what will happen in those five days.

Should you want to visit Oliveri Try JetRadar (Affiliate Link), it is a must you must come to Oliveri!!

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