First Week In Tindari, Oliveri, Sicily

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This story  in French/ en Francais

Our first day was spent trying to ascertain what was on offer. We knew we had to economize if we were to survive out here. a 10 minutes stroll to the nearest village and we found several shops. We have not yet found a big super market but for this perhaps we will need to venture further than Tindari to find a big super market.

So, we walked around this warm and friendly village. We knew we needed a universal plug charger for our laptops. We entered the electric shop, which stood on a corner of the main square, across the chemist which also stood on a corner of the main square. However, with our broken Italian, we worked out that he did not have any and he was trying to talk us into bringing our laptop to him so he could change the socket to a universal one. We were not up to doing that. We said our goodbyes and promptly left the shop.

Next, we found a phone shop, there we had managed to find what we were looking for and for only around 3 Euros. we carried on strolling around the village. We had found several vegetable shop. Surprisingly enough, their extent of choice was rather small. Nothing a super market in England would offer. Bakeries were often found at the back of the vegetable shop and if you enter another little room, you would find stuff such as household washing powder and such. Nothing to really save money. There were two or three cafes full of friendly Italians drinking their coffees.

We also found a butcher up a small street leading off the square. There, we looked at the prices and stuck to just buying some delicious sausages and eggs. Then we found the post office to withdraw our money hidden on another side street. Before we knew it all the shops were shutting as it was 12 PM. We cruised around a little longer passing their famous church with Black Madona and Child. That was beautiful. By now, the temperature was too hot to bare and turned round and slowly walked back to our apartment.

On the Friday or Saturday Night, it was Saint Agata al Borgo/ Agatha Borgo. We walked over to the church and from there we followed a band procession up to the beach which stood across our complex that we are staying at. As we followed, the traffic slowly followed us. The cars made no attempt to over take the whole band. The band played excellently, they were so good that young children would dance around to their tune as they marched up the road. When we arrived at the beach. Fireworks began once more. They were amazing displays which lasted until around 11 PM. They were so loud and so close to where we were standing that we left after an hour.

We managed to squeeze in a beach walk between our online work. As you enter onto the beach and look left you can see beyond and above a mount the famous sanctuary. We walked towards the mount and facing us was a cave within our sight. Within 200 meters we reached the cave and walked along this cave. Reaching the center of this cave it went pitch dark. It was scary but we could see the end of the cave and we darted for the light, holding hands. Exiting the cave we entered the cape when Tuna is trapped and caught. It was a magnificent view and on our left above the caves was the sanctuary. We explored the area and returned back the same way that we had come.

We have taken several beach walks and it really wakes you up. The heat beating down on you stops you from truly exploring the whole beach and hence, we plan to visit it on a cooler day.

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This story in French/ en Francais

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