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New! As of 14/11/2016 Psychic Readings

Indian Head Massage


This massage can be done with or without oils, focusing primarily on the head, neck, back and shoulders. Facial massage is also incorporated at your discretion.



Full Reiki healing session, complete, full body healing from toes to nose. Highly recommended for a general and complete rejuvenating experience. Tailored to your preference.

Quantum Touch

buddha serene.jpg

Mini healing experience, tailored to your preference, whether searching for peace, clarity, balance, truth or enlightenment. We can provide you with all that you need. (suitable for group sessions). A natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

Healing Meditation


Breathing and relaxing whilst I guide you through each chakra, clearing each chakra. We can personalise to suit the individual. Offer: 7 Sessions for the price of 5. This can be practiced Online. Email us for more details.

Mixed Therapy


Choose several mini options and have a special experience for you or a *group. Expand your experience and savour an extraordinary time.

New! As of 14/11/2016 Psychic Readings

Find Out More…

You will receive your own discount card, like the one below, at your first session;

We will update our OFFERS periodically.

Either email us on;


Inbox us on “Della Luce FaceBook Page”


Telephone 07955986673.

Most of our Certificates can be found if you click here

We can accommodate on Skype should you be disabled and live too far for us to travel

or whether you would just prefer that method.

We accept PayPal or cash.

All enquiries welcome.

*A Group usually consists of 4, with a maximum of 6.

Please leave a comment on this page or on Della Luce FaceBook Page

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