Adele My Belle

Adele my belle is today nineteen years of age. Raised with love and care she ventures overseas to the Dutch land. Charisma and charms she chases the dream to reap the leap of faith. Slender are her tender thoughts that she renders her slender mind to the moment of time.

Amsterdam, the best place for diamonds is where my gem stands today, twinned purely of her true love and care. She walks where the river flows and falters not as she cruises on her waters. There is no flaw as she dawns a new year on this holiday. Nineteen years on and she still is as beautiful as she was the moment she took her first breath.

She cruises through life with joy, as she is the Amstel, the tranquil heart of Amsterdam, which today is graced, by my belle Adele.  My belle Adele has also sailed within my heart, mind and soul and she is my Lilly of the valley. Blessed by my seven children and today enlightened by my seventh child’s birthday, the birthday of my youngest makes me feel like I’m in heaven.

And in between the star lit skies and sun drenched pavements, a wandering lady, glamorous and contrary, walks beside herself at dusk. Deep in thought and introspection, she beholds her life as if a dream, with her world held within her eye, she sees the same but from another side. As if by the graceful care of God’s sweet angels, she is led to ease her grip on her emotions and with gentle reluctance she releases her  attachment to her burdens.

Miyetti & Mushu Seva


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