Perception is our own creation.

Drama is our own creation,

maybe one of our own salvation

maybe one of our own destruction.

whether the drama is one from our own real life’s process or

whether the drama is one from our own state of dreams.


Positive affirmation is a positive act that one can partake at one’s own will.

So, is it wrong to be negative or is our negativity someone else’s perception.

Nothing is ever black or white.

Are we right or are we wrong?

Are they right or are they wrong?


If you are of English speaking origin,

would a grammatically correct sentence be grammatically correct to a French reader?

The answer is neither right nor wrong.

Surely, it is the up to the readers perception.

When one person writes, they write how they feel,

yet, the reader will perceive our writing how they feel at that very moment and

perceive it another way on another day when they feel different yet again.


Perception, perception could be our deception.

Never assume, never judge a book by its cover.

Reflection is a rewarding philosophy.

Reading or listening to someone else is like Chinese Whispers.

The reader and the listener will pick up what they are ready to hear at that very moment.

That is our path and that is their path.


No matter which path we take, the path is ours to take.

No matter which decision we take, the path you tread is the only path for you.

No point wishing you had done something different because what you did,

you did because it is your path.

No point wishing that someone else had done something different because they did what they were meant to have done, it is their designated path.


So did I do it right or did I do it wrong?

Reflect, I could and I should.

Ought I or should I improve my chances for next time?

Yet, I know I did it to increase my chance to learn.

It was my chance to embrace my path.


Divine order was what impulsed me to drive on that path.

To argue with it, is futile.

No point crying over spilt milk.

No point to even rejoice it.

It is what it is.

My path has been walked upon and it now leads me down exactly where I am meant to be.

Miyetti Seva