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Mi & Mu ( Myself and My Partner) are now engaged. I was proposed on the 29th October, 2016. I have of course accepted. Our love have allowed us to explore and venture into new realms of life that without one or the other, events that have occurred probably would never have been encountered.

We are both healing and our strength is growing everyday. We have roamed the streets of Rome, Venice, Florence and Cordigoro. Under moonlight we were serenaded in Paris and we toured the moors of Sicily.

We have returned to England and for this year, we have settled in Sheffield, another historic city that thrives with new life and growing cultures. Our time in Sheffield is growing at an end and our plans for our travels have now begun.

The only delay is our marriage blessing. Our marriage blessing will take place in Sheffield as Some of our family and friends live within driving distance. Others are coming from France, Belgium, London, Romania, Sicily and further afield.

The marriage blessing will take place in Sheffield, on Saturday, the 29th April, 2017.

So, we will be looking for:

  • Something old
  • Something new
  • Something Blue

We do not plan to spend a fortune as we plainly do not have a fortune, we want the blessing to be as natural as it could possibly be. Involving all the family and friends with the blessing proceedings.

All ideas welcome, please leave comment below. Those wanting to come are welcome. Travellers are also welcome, bring a sleeping bag and you can stay at ours.


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