Dam Mad

Heaving reels of mental anguish, leaves you to deal with psychic torment. I so wished I could relate to my tarnished date of my own perspective outcomes. Deep inside my head, I tread where no man has ever dared before me. Swirls whirling and wriggling in this dark horizon, deep down in my mind, grinds like a bind. Here, I am banished inside my own anguish, so, I must be as mad as a hatter.

As I swim in this midst of my realm, I feel slowed down by the thick texture of my anguish. It is like swimming in a sea of coloured tar. I am unable to turn to swim the other way from this thick dense drench, this is so tense. Perhaps, I am a slug which is stuck in mud. God! I must be as mad as a hatter.

Ah! but wait, I am no slug, so am I a bug in a book? Alas! I think I am as mad as a hatter or am I a rat which is sat awaiting to be saved by a daft bat. Drat! I now know that I am none of the latter, so, I must be as mad as hatter.

Deep in this shaft, there is a raft which could bail me out. There is no doubt that I need to sail out.

I am not afraid to vanish from this tarnished haze. I look to hook as I am stuck. Gosh, here I think there is a link to see a shrink, which seems that I am as mad as a hatter. What do you think?

Ah! connection, connections. There may be some variations in my versions of being as mad as a hatter. However, which ever extension you would rather mention, it would still bring this link to your attention. This link could ascend within your thoughts that, well! That we are all as mad as a hatter. Denny it all you want and ye shall be for ever stuck but recognise it and ye shall be set free from being as mad as a hatter.

Miyetti Seva



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