Don’t Take Punishment!

Do you think you deserver to be punished? Do not believe for a second that you live to merit to be reprimanded by another’s commands nor to be chastised by another. You do know that to hit a child is not only unlawful but unethical. So, you would also know that to exploit another adult is just as illegal as it is immoral.

Do you think you should be controlled? You are an equal partner, no lesser nor greater than them. If one dislikes another’s actions then an amicable resolve aught to occur. On no account should you be dominated. Having a contained personality means you aren’t easily thrown into fits of anger, or rage. So, why allow your partner, friends, children or parent to control you. You deserve as much recognition than they do.

Do you think you deserve to be beaten? Do not believe for one minute that you deserve a lashing. Should your actions be distasteful then be ready to leave but on no account should you allow another’s wrath besiege you, physically or mentally. There is no reason on earth that warrants these actions untoward you. No one has any rights to persecute another. John 8:7, viz. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…”

To hurt one another is a betrayal of love. Do not conceive you have to accept a corporal punishment. In 1986 to 2003, Great Britain state-run schools, and also in private schools, corporal punishment was outlawed. So, why accept a punishment at all!

Could you respect yourself if you hit another person? Then, how could you respect the one that hurts you? I suspect you would rather walk away than hurt another. So, connect with yourself and expect only respect.

I sense you fear that you might doubt the right to be treated humanely. Why, are you not human? Don’t humans have faults? Don’t let another profess that they are better than yourself and don’t let them attest that you deserve to be treated inhumanely or any differently.

Do not allow yourself to be scolded. They scold you to mould you. No matter what, you deserve listening too and you merit kindness and virtuous respect. Remember to not believe that you are to blame for their lame actions.

If your actions warrants them leaving you then accept the consequences, as this is a wonderful resolve. You are not alone. So much help to be had.

Do not accept at any moment that you should accept their commands of their physical torment. Defend yourself from these torments, you are meant to comprehend that your safety must not be compromised. This I write with experience.

Miyetti Seva




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