Harmony Between Friends


I remember, there was that feeling, when you find yourself in the next phase of your life, surrounded by faces that seem so familiar and yet you’ve never met them before. Harmony Studios meant something to me from the moment I got there. The Studios belonged to a little mining village just outside of Sheffield called Staveley, a lifeless place, dreary and event-less. Standard 🙂 But Harmony felt like it mattered, it cared when nobody else did and it wanted to live, in a space that was content with dying. Poor thing!

I spent so little time getting used to the place, it was upon me from the moment I arrived; there were things to do, so much we potentially could do. We were all overcome by the infectious buzz of positive intervention. I loved the energy of the place, there was a palpable sense of opportunity, that we could do something worthwhile for the community.

We set straight to it, whatever came to mind, it wasn’t super organised, it was more hit and miss until we struck lucky I suppose, it was just about the involvement, people who were locked away all day everyday, suddenly able to integrate themselves into a group, a sense of community! That’s what it was all about.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before Miyetti, Paddy and myself where spending every hour of every day together, sleeping in the upstairs rooms of the centre, slogging ourselves in devotion towards making Staveley a better place to live, for the whole community! Paddy and Miyetti were very proud of their self proclaimed community centre status, they’d had receptions from the Mayor of Chesterfield and key figures in local politics and community affairs. Things got off to a good start.

Fares, raffles, competitions, community projects, arts and crafts, football, martial arts, it was going well. As it turns out, I only ever taught one session of meditation to a class that consisted of my Mother, my Nannar and my Auntie. Happy with that! Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to be initiated in the healing practise of Reiki, for free! 🙂 I went on to learn Quantum Touch, also for free, on the premise that I would practise at the centre. Miyetti had set up a pain clinic for those suffering from Fibromyalgia where I volunteered twice weekly, giving out free treatments for those suffering with chronic pain.

Reiki became the new joy of my life, suddenly everything made sense. Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies, in terms of the experience of being human, some of these are favourable, even rather pleasant, others, not so much. The higher the vibration the closer you come to pure love, the lower, pure fear. Fear has unfavourable effects on the body, eventually leading to illnesses etc. Love however, has the opposite effect, actually being rather… Lovely 😉

For me, the most rewarding experience working at Harmony was seeing the look of pure shock and revelation on peoples faces when the treatments worked, the look of absolute awe at the nature of things, their entire world view turned on it’s head in a moment. The world makes so much sense at it’s base level, electromagnetic fields interacting with one another, a whirlwind romance of frequencies that determine every moment, that draw us from one experience to the next. In the end, it’s all about positivity, positivity manifests positive experiences. A good personal reminder, especially at this time, when I seem to be trying too hard and giving in too little 🙂

Mushu Seva.


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