How to Run the Affiliate Programs


How to run Affiliate Programs

Are you ready to learn lots, have fun, and earn a bunch of commissions that will pay you over and over again? If so then you are in the right place.

You should be committing yourself to creating a highly successful, long term business (which you will be learning). This won’t happen overnight, but with some hard work and dedication to what you learn here, you can truly create a long term and very successful business.

This is the start of your exciting journey ahead!

If you make a commitment today, a few months from now you are going to be seeing awesome results. A year from now, I am absolutely positive that you can become an authority online and be making commissions every single day…in fact you can have a full time business promoting Affiliate Programs.

It is going to become a reality for you!

Task 1: Add Your Affiliate Goals in terms of Referrals.

I know what can be accomplished in a year…a year, it is a like a blink in time and before you know it next year is going to be here.

What if you could make 100 referrals by next year…what about 200…what about 500….a 1000? Be realistic, but be unrealistic. You never reach goals that you thought were unattainable if you never set them.

Add your goals to your journal and save.

You can begin your networking now and you are going to build some awesome relationships which will only further your online success. So take a minute and encourage at least two other people with their goals as well.

Do you think that there are 300 people in this world you could connect with and show them the benefits of Your Affiliate Program?

Task 2: Officially Join the Affiliate Programs

This is a necessity if you want to become a top affiliate. I want you to take a second right now and read through. It is going to help you keep on track, keep you informed, and is going to allow us help you make more money!

Everywhere you look someone could benefit from an Affiliate Program. Whether you are standing in line at a grocery story or chatting with a friend on Facebook. Affiliate Programs can benefit them and their lives in one y or another.

Whether they are retired, whether they are in college, employed or unemployed, business owners or looking to start a business, when you are promoting, you are promoting to the biggest audience in the world…

People that want to create a business, people that want to do something they love or are passionate about, and people that want a platform to help them with every aspect of this.

Task 3: Choose a domain (free or paid)

The next step is going to be choosing a domain.

You can get a domain for under $15 per year, and I highly recommend you use the SiteDomains domain registration platform within SiteRubix, dreamHost or WordPress to purchase your domains. There are no upsells (like other domain registrars) and it is a completely seamless process to purchase a domain and set-up a website on it.

You must be premium member to “host” your own domains.

I recommend you choose something that is either very targeted to what the theme of your site is going to be about, or you choose a site that is very brandable. Either of which is completely fine.

Task 3: Building Your Website

Your next step is going to be to build your website click on the link and it will land you on the build a Website Page.

Task 4: Create a New User within Your chosen Blog.

Setting up a username that represents you. This is going to be your new name that you will use to log into your website and it will allow you to post pages, posts, and comments as your name, versus posting as “admin”. It adds a much better personal touch to your website and it is highly recommended.

To add a new user, you will nt to visit the Users tab within the WP-admin area. Under this tab, you will see an “Add New” option. Click that.

This will take you to the Add New User page.

You will want to fill out the details. Note that the Username is the name that you will be posting with, so either use your first name or a pen name, whichever you plan on branding on your website.

add new user page

Make sure that you set the Role to “Administrator” and that you store your username and password somewhere safe.

These are going to be your login details that you use for logging into your WordPress Administration area going forward.

Upon clicking the “Add New User” button, the process will be complete. The password is automatically created for you and will be given to you on the next page. It will appear as follows.

You can also get your passwords at any time within the SiteManager page. Each time you “Log In” to your admin are of your website, it will give you the

Usernames for that website, along with the passwords.

It is important to deal with your site structure and your “vision” early on, so this is going to become a common theme until we can get it hashed out.

Potential Direction for Your Site.


Plain and simple, everything someone would need for starting or growing a business is here.

From the websites, to the keyword research, to getting help and motivation, to networking with others online, to saving yourself from the abundance of scams out there.

Those could actually be categories that I could create on my website. When you have a category on your site, you can have many subsequent pages/posts that you can create within that category. Categorizing your ideas into broader topics like this can help you with the organization of your website content/ideas.

Here are some potential categories that you could leverage on your site (again, you can also be creative here as well).

  • Building Websites
  • Keyword/Market Research
  • Scam Alerts
  • Getting Help With Your Business
  • Motivational Techniques
  • Different types of jobs online
  • Keyword Research
  • Local Marketing
  • Writing Content / Authoring
  • ways you Can Work From Home

Example of this would be the theme “Build Websites”. I could easily discuss 10 things related to this.

  • How to build a website in 30 seconds

(could leverage the video here at )

  • How to get a free website online
  • 5 Things you should know about SEO and your website
  • How to install your own domain (and outline the path to do this with )
  • An explanation of how websites work (DNS, domains, etc)
  • How to get your website indexed in Google
  • How to prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization
  • How to add Youtube videos to your website
  • How to build a free wordpress website
  • Adding images to your website

These are 10 potential pages/posts that I could build out within this particular category. You could do this for any topic that you want, and you can be creative as you want.

And what about scams (essentially product reviews), which is highly relevant to my site and one section that I am going to be building out. There are 1,000’s of these online. This could keep me busy for a lifetime and probably will.

But remember, you want to keep with the theme of your site. If your site is “work from home” related, you want to keep your themes related to this. You could still have a category “building websites”, but you would also want to have a category “work from home products” and likely “types of work from home businesses”.

Task 1: Choose 3 Themes that Are Relevant to Your Website

The first task is going to be choosing 3 main themes or categories that you will be adding to the menu within your website. These are themes that are relevant to your site. Here are the 3 that I have added to my website.

(1) Build a Website
(2) Scam Alerts
(3) Types of Online Scams

You can add more than three if you want, but start small. We are not going to build an authority site in a day, but we are going to get there!

Task 2: Build a List of at Least 10 Topics You Could Write on for Each (30 in total)

The next task is going to be breaking down your theme/category into 10 potential topics that you can write about and create content around.

Task 3: Build Theme Home Pages.

The last step is going to be creating 3 new pages.

In this case I have created the following pages, but for now I am just going to leave them empty. We want to simply add these as pages so they will show up within the menu.

  • Build a Website
  • Scam Alerts
  • Types of Online Scams

By this stage you should have the following completed:

  • A domain and a website set-up
  • Your initial plugins set up
  • 3 Pages of Content Created
  • 5 Pages within Your Top Menu (theme pages)
  • 30 ideas for subjects that you can write about
  • The beginnings of an AUTHORITY site!
  • A bunch of newly acquired knowledge.

You have an exciting road ahead, one that is going to be filled with traffic, content, more content, more traffic…and invites, credits and revenue!!!

Tweet, Like, Pin, Google +…post your “Affiliate Links” (you can get this by clicking the Affiliate Link button on any page) somewhere, email a friend, message a friend, skype a friend….go to a coffee shop and invite a stranger.

Sharing should be part of your daily routine. Those that eat, breathe and sleep are those that are going to be successful.

  • When you see people, mention it to them.
  • When you email people, mention it to them.
  • When you communicate online, mention it.

Everyone has a passion or an interest, imagine if you told them they could take that passion and turn it into an online business at . The opportunity is endless. Absolutely everyone can benefit from .

How Would You Promote in Person?

face sale

What is ? No seriously, if someone walked up to you and asked what it is your are doing online and how it can help their situation, how would you respond to these people?

Think of what you would say and then go to the following discussion and post what your response would be within the following discussion:

The biggest fear people have when writing

struggle writing

It Is not being perfect. I can tell you from personal experience that perfect doesn’t convert, in fact it doesn’t even exist. What you write, what ideas you have, and how you form your content is RIGHT…and it will work for you.

A few suggestions I have for you when you sit down to write your content:

  • Don’t constrain yourself, first think Idea then second, write it.
  • Break a page down into smaller ideas, then write it
  • Don’t try to perfect your content.
  • Enjoy what you are writing about and have fun with it.
  • Exercise or get some fresh air before your write content (trust me on this one)


Writing and the creation of content is going to be quintessential to your success when getting up and running with your business. Content leads to rankings, branding, trust…traffic…and ultimately success. So being able to sit down and write content without worrying about perfection is important.

I want to leave you with a famous quote today before we get into the tasks.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

This should apply to your writing. Don’t fear a failed article, focus on your desired success. The only thing that you can do to move closer to perfection, is practice. So write regularly, write fearlessly, and write from your own perspective!


Task 1: Write Out Your Themed Pages

The next task is going to be writing out your themed pages. Write the content from your hip (naturally).

Remember your goal here, to create content that is engaging to your customer.

Sit back and read your content from an outsiders perspective after you have finished writing it.

And remember to publish it after you write it, don’t try to perfect your content and definitely don’t leave a bunch of pages in “draft” mode before you publish.

But how do you determine whether or not a comment is legit?

First things first though, there are a ton of comment spammers out there and we want to prevent people from spamming your website. There is a very effective plugin for doing this called WP Spamshield Anti-spam. This plugin is automatically installed with your website and set-up to start blocking spam so there is nothing extra you have to do to block the “majority” spam.

However, some spam will still make it through so we are also going to show you how to clear out any “junk” comments and help you understand what is the difference between a real comment and a fake comment.

Task 1: Clear Out Any Junk or Default Comments

Your next task is to simply go into your Comments tab and to “remove” any comments that are spam.

You will notice that beside the comments tab, you will have a little orange bubble that indicates the number of “pending” comments. In this case I have 1,821 pending comments.

If you have any comments that are REAL (some of you may have some of these) and you have not approved them yet, I suggest you do this as well. Make sure you spend some time to reply to every comment that you get.

Task 2: Update your pages to “ask for feedback”

Getting people engaging is critical to your website successful. There are several reasons for this, some more obvious than others.

(1) Increase Trust – Not only with the people that comment and get a reply, but the people that read the comments. More trust equate to more conversions.

(2) Good for SEO – Google and other search engines like content that is active, that people are engaging in and that is constantly being updated. This is exactly what comments do and it can lead to your page/post having higher rankings and a long lasting presence within the search engines.

(3) Customer Understanding – When you invite people to give you feedback and ask questions, you are going to get a ton of insight into your audience, what they are thinking, what they need help with, and often times their “hot buttons” (what will lead to conversions).

Each and every page and post on your site should end with you asking people to leave a comment, whether you are offering your help, asking them to leave their opinion/thoughts, or simply asking them straight up for a comment. (see my example below)

Task 3: Comment on at least 3 other people’s websites

Your last task today is going to be to comment on at least 3 people’s website pages that they post.

Don’t give one liners like “great site” or “thanks for the info”, the more helpful and relevant the comments are, the better. You could even ask a question or start a conversation.

Today we are going to be adding our very first review to our site, appropriately this will be your “Wealthy Affiliate Review”. Product/Services reviews are going to be a critical component of your success going forward as it is going to allow you to convey to your audience which products are effective, and which products are not so effective.

People RESEARCH before they BUY…

I If you can offer a thorough review of a product or service, then you are going to expedite the decision process and it will lead to much higher conversions.

Think about your last purchase you made online.trend

Many people spend hours looking for a quality review that will send them in one direction or another.

A positive review can be a powerful thing and that is what we are going to be doing today.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Within your review, you will notice that I have given folks specific examples as to how Affiliate Programs will benefit them.

Affiliate Programs are by far the most lucrative commission work from anywhere in the world for building a business online.

You simply need to SHOW people that and they will be interested.

Here are some things that you can show them:

  • How the support works within (the many ways)
  • The training and how it is beneficial
  • How easy it is to build a website (in any niche)
  • The state of the art website building platform
  • The managed WordPress hosting services and access to 24/7 support
  • How you get almost instant support if you have website/hosting issues
  • Interacting and networking with others/us
  • Live video classes and how interactive the training is
  • etc.

This could be absolutely anything, but show people from your perspective what is and how it will benefit them versus just “telling” them what it is. Think “personal review” versus a “describing a company” and your reviews will come up that much more trustworthy.

Task 2: Create a list of products you can review

Your next task is going to be coming up with a list of FIVE products in the niche that you are going to be able to review (either in a positive or negative way).

There are many ways you can find products…

  • Search for scam protection sites (,, etc)
  • Search for new product sites
  • Check out other review sites in the industry (, etc)
  • Search for “product + niche”…
  • Search networks like
  • Review products/services you are already using for your business
  • Use Google, it is your friend


Think of product reviews this way, it is easy to sell compared it to any other product out there.

Putting side by side any product will make it apparent and a no brainer for anyone looking to getting rolling or expanding their existing business.

Affiliate programs are potential options and it will be easy to compare along side any competitors going forward.

There are also many products and services that you will likely use throughout your journey online, many that become an important aspect of your business .

(like your autoresponder ,autoresponder

I describe in detail in my FREE eBook, like your tools, etc).

These will also serve to be very powerful with your promotions and your affiliate income.

After you add your website, make sure that you go through and offer at LEAST 2 comments on other people’s reviews that have been posted within the thread. Please comment on their actual website not within the actual discussion.


One Affiliate Program is not only the focal product you are going to be promoting on your site, but it is the home of an unbelievable amount of blog posts, training resources, discussions and videos that can be leveraged on your website.

Do Not OVERUSE Links

Use sparingly and use effectively. The last thing you want to be is a website of links, but no internal content. I would say that within a page of content that you have a maximum of 2 shared links and only do this if it makes sense.

Task 1: Add Your Profile Link to your About Me Page

Your first task is going to be linking to your profile on your About Me page.

I link directly to my profile.

If you are linking to your profile, it will automatically set your affiliate cookie. In fact, anything that you are the author of directly within, you can link directly to (without your affiliate link) as you will get the default affiliate credit so there is no need to add your affiliate link.

Tell people when they join through you, you will follow them right way and they will be able to network with you personally. Refer to it as your hangout. This can lead to high conversions.

Task 2: Create ONE Question here at (link to it from your site)

Create a question here within, this could be a question you need help with or it could be something that you get a lot of people asking and you want to answer yourself.

Here is a sample template (the link is a word file document download) question that I created that would fit nicely into a page on my website that pertains to “how to build Webpages”.

Task 3: Create ONE New Post on Your Website

Your last task today is going to be creating a new page on your website. This page could be anything, from the list of 10 topics related to your three chosen themes, it could be another product review, or it could be a blog post about anything you want really.

Content creation and building out your website should be part of your regular activities and I recommend that you make it habit to create content regularly.

To be completely honest, content is going to be your quickest route to success and becoming an authority within the industry (which you are well on your y to becoming)!.


How do you manufacture ideas out of thin air? There are many ys to do this and many free resources you can leverage online to get content ideas and to keep in the “know” of your respective industry.

In this lesson, we are going to be walking through some of these techniques. We are going to be using some FREE Google tools, “how to” websites, and “question & answer” websites.

Before we get going, I have created a video lking you through the strategies outlined in this lesson.

Task 1: Set-up at least 5 Google Alerts

Every day millions of pages of brand new content and news are getting indexed into Google. We are going to capitalize on this information by creating “alerts” on specific keywords related to our websites using Google Alerts. This is the ultimate y to stay in the “know” of this niche and it will give you a lot of ideas on a daily basis…delivered directly to your email.


  • If you want to be an authority in this niche, you should be on top of things. To do this you are going to want to use Google alerts.

    Access Google Alerts

    This is going go give you writing ideas each and every day (you will not be able to get to all of them) and it will also give you ideas on new products coming on and also reviews that people have of certain products in the niche. You can leverage all of this.

    Here are some example Alerts that I suggest you set-up, however you can create as many different alerts as you want.

    Internet marketing + new product
    Affiliate marketing + launch
    Affiliate review
    Make money online
    Affiliate programs
    Work from home
    Online jobs

First to market, reaps the benefits. If you can take advantage of news when it is fresh of the press, you can definitely get the top rankings in Google and retain rankings. Your task is to create 5 Google Alerts.

Task 2: Use Q & A Sites to Drum up 15 Questions People are Asking

Some popular sites and discussion points. Take a questions within and elaborate on it on your site. Questions you see every day in , questions you find online.

Here are some Q & A sites that will work great for you.


Perform searches based on “themes/categories” that you have on your site or that you have within your list. This will give you a lot of ideas of what people are asking within the industry and provide you with some “how to” insight as well.

Make sure that you create a list of the ideas and concepts you come up with. I usually create a master document with all of my ideas and then I start writing them out.

You need to continually fuel your content with a stream of ideas. Those that blog regularly (daily) are those that get traffic and those that are going to build authority sites. I remember this because I know that people tend to look too short term in reality, all the hard work you do now is going to add up and lead to a lot of success as we move forward.

Task 3: Finish up on any “loose ends”


Keep building out your pages/posts, beautifying your existing pages, sharing content through your affiliate links, inviting friends and family to join (through your affiliate links, create NEW posts…basically just keep working at it.


 Leave a message or eMail me if you NEED HELP.


Good Luck!


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