How to Start Affiliate Programs

Della Luce Welcomes you to

How to Start Affiliate Programs!

In the coming days and weeks I will be going to be showing you how online success works and help you realize how to can achieve your own potential within the Internet space to earn revenue and leverage the internet to grow a business.

Before we continue, we want to emphasize a few things:

(1) Every one can accomplish online success.

There are over 3 billion people using the Internet, regardless of the direction you head online there is a very large number of people there that you can connect with.

(2) First, lets begin with getting over the overwhelming feeling of working online.

Once, you you have read through this step by step, the overwhelming feeling will dissipate.

Persevere and you will achieve your goals.

(3) You do not need any experience or an existing online business.

If you have experience that is great, but it is definitely not a requirement. Everything related to online business can be learned online. For example you could do the free online Alison course on the course is free, it is the certificate you pay for and you do not need that to apply what you have learned. The course is actually written and led by Chris Farrell. Then there is Udemy, some courses are free and some are to be paid but a small amount.

(4) Success is not an event. Success is very cumulative in nature. This means that everything you do now, and every step you take will contribute towards your personal success in the future.

A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success

Success online is at the core a 4 step process nothing more complex than this and this is exactly what you are going to be learning here at Wealthy Affiliate.


Step 1: Choose an Interest

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic)

Step 4: Earn £££ from your traffic.

Try to become involved and immersed within the awesome eMarketing World.

  • Leads to better networking within the community
  • People are more willing to help you if you have a profile
  • Shows others that you are serious about SUCCESS


How you will earn money?

There are many ways to make money online…1000’s of different ways in fact!

The problem is that people often get distracted by the “latest and greatest” product or service and they are never able to build a successful (and revenue generating) business.

Today we are going to run you through one of the most fundamental, yet the most powerful processes of generating revenue online. It is a proven technique, it is one that is used. It is also the ultimate “making money” process that worked decades and it is going to work another decade from now and will present as much opportunity in the massive online world as you like.

Before thinking of Making Money

The making money part of your business won’t happen quite yet.

Before you earn money, you are going to first be focusing on creating your niche website

and the working to get traffic to your website. Without a website, without content, and without traffic, the MONEY doesn’t happen.

So don’t look at this like a race. You will reach success and a good deal of it, but before you build your own personal Gold Mine of a business, you must first have a solid foundation to build it on.

Working through this process you are going to have an awesome foundation in place that will lead you to much greater success.

You are going to have your own website in a niche of your choice. Once you have these things in place, you are going to be able to create as much success as you want online.

Make Money Process

There are many different ways that you can earn money online and many different ways in which you can build an entire business.

how to affiliate maretThere are 2 billion people online, part of these will be your audience and these people are searching for things all the time. They are looking for information and to buy products. That is where you are going to come in with your website and help these “audiences” by offering them information about what they are looking for. You will be “helping” these people and earning revenue in the process. However, remember, HELP THEM. They are not numbers, they are people with interest who trust you.

Go to have your very own website in place that you will use to connect with your chosen audience. You will have your very own piece of the internet and a platform to connect anyone that you want who browses the Internet.

Write Down Your Financial Goals/Plan

You want to earn revenue right?

That is great.

In order to earn anything, you need to have some goals in place.

So, write down the following.

QUESTION 1: How much money would you be happy earning?

QUESTION 2: How much would you be ecstatic earning?

QUESTION 3: And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?

PLEASE make 100% sure that you do not skip this step and write your journal and save it.

Revisit this journal regularly when you are in need of some motivation.

I can absolutely assure you that if you work hard at this and you are persistent towards these goals, you will achieve them. Discipline Yourself!

Write Down Your Non-Financial Goals

Success is not just about money and how much revenue you can earn online.

Creating and building tangible online assets are a huge success and monumental in the development of your business.

Overcoming technical hurdles is a success.

Building a website is a success.

Choosing a niche is a success.

Learning new information is a success.

Freeing up more time for your family is a success.

Doing something that you love is a success.

Helping others is a success.

I want you to create some short term and long term “NON” financial goals today.

These could be anything really.

Write down a list of things that you want to accomplish in:

The next 10 days.
The next 30 days.
The next 6 months.
The next year.

Remember, these goals cannot involve money. They have to involve something that is non-financial but can absolutely be part of your business building process. Write these down as well save.



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