Introducing; Mi&Mu’s Travels.

My darling Miyetti and myself have made a grand plan, a decision that will take us from the confines of our humble abode, to the glory and adventure of the open road and the furthest reaches of the yet, unexplored world. We want to experience it all.

After a year of travelling through Europe, we have decided that it’s the life we wish to lead, that and no other. But this time we’re going to do it properly, we well and truly learnt our lesson and we learnt it well… I now know how to get more free pastries than one could ever eat, thanks to my homeless Italian friend 😉 A perk one can only be privy to when the going truly gets tough, when all money runs dry, closely followed by the fuel… And the food… Time well spent I can assure you! Life is not really lived unless the moment demands your attention, I miss that. So this time we’re going to live it up, live it fully and immerse ourselves in being alive again!

But there is much to prepare before we begin our epic adventure, so, in the meantime, we wish to share with you of what we learnt, our stories of Europe. Of the hardships, excitement, doubts and fear. The many trials that gave birth to undiscovered courage, the grace of faith and the refinement of undefeatable resilience. Each of all the unforeseen circumstances, that led to the most unexpected and memorable experiences; We wish to bring you up to date, so that when the time comes, you can be with us all the way 🙂

Trust me, it’s going to be big 🙂

Mushu Seva.

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