Introductory Herbal Course

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Herbal Academy

Introductory Herbal Course

herb gardenAn Online Self Study Program!

Are you new to Herbalism, then this is perfect to gain an understanding and a taste of how you can approach a holistic view on your life.


This course will provide you with the practicalities of how herbs promotes wellness.

   You Will:

  • Gain an insight in how to integrate herbs in your everyday life.

  • Learn how to prepare herbal remedies for the everyday ailments.

  • Experience preparing everyday body care products.

  • Familiarise yourself with medicinal properties of herbs ad spices.

  • Explore the therapeutic uses.

  • Engage in beautifully presented lessons.

  • Thirst for more knowledge as you delight in the appreciation of what herbs has to offer.

Herbal Academy Have More Courses Available.

Header Image by codedesign in Pixabay and Her Garden by Naneaj in Pixabay


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