IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Pole Sports

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Several Requested information on this course, hence; I have looked it up and here as promised. Good Luck and Enjoy!


Pole Coaching Course

“Prepare for, deliver and review safe pole sports coaching sessions for the recreational participant and Pole Sports athletes.”

The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Pole Sports qualifies the candidate to coach beginner to intermediate pole sports programmes independently and enables them to plan a series of linked coaching sessions. There will still be a significant focus on the “How to” skills of coaching pole sports. The technical, practical and theoretical elements of pole sports coaching will be focused upon with over 50 hours of guided learning. The emphasis is on safe coaching as well as technical coaching. You will also develop a greater understanding of the physical and psychological demands of pole sports on both the pole enthusiast, the pole athlete and the disabled poler and how this impacts on your coaching.


Who is this course designed for?

The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Pole Sports is suitable for:

  • Those who hold an IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Those who hold IPSF Level 1 Certificate in the Code of Points
  • Those who hold IPSF Level 2 Certificate in Judging
  • Those who have a beginner to intermediate physical and technical understanding of Pole (minimum 6 months as a practitioner of pole)
  • Fitness and or dance instructors wishing to become a pole sports coach
  • Those who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of pole sports
  • Those who wish to coach regional, national and world pole sports athletes
  • Those who wish to progress to Level 2 Pole Sports Coach and further IPSF coaching programmes

**Minimum requirements for entry to this course are Level 1 Anatomy & Physiology and a physical and technical understanding of pole sports (minimum 6 months).**

What are the requirements to attend the course?

Candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age on the first day of the course
  • Hold an IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Qualification
  • Degree in Sports Science or equivalent
  • Can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what is required when executing the elements of pole sports and the technicalities required when participating in it at a beginner to intermediate level.
  • To be fit and health to participate and teach in practical sessions.

In order to help you to decide whether to apply for the course we have provided some self check questions that will help you:

  • You have the above certificates
  • You are fit and healthy
  • You have practical and teaching ability from beginner to intermediate level (Inverts, spins, climbs, poses and combinations)

If you are unsure about any of the information above please do not hesitate to contact the EPIC team.


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