I realised today that I do not want to do an eMail list unless my friends or clients requests it.

WHY? Because I hate eMails that I constantly get and DO NOT WANT.

This might affect my online business but my main aim is to help people not to overload them. I believe that to earn respect you need to show respect. I am working so hard at trying to earn a living online and my studies that I am undertaking tell me its vital that I compose an eMail list. Do I truly need to compose a list, all I want is to help and I truly believe nowadays that I can achieve this without hampering people with countless eMails.

I stopped up last night planning, writing and executing my objectives. Already, I started by taking away my ‘Download Page’ and ‘Thank You Page and just advertised my eBook so if people want the eBook, then its theirs. I figured that if they like it then they will get in touch for more. Trust in business is vital and I aim to earn that trust.

Discussing varying topics with Tom made me realise that I am my own person and I do not need to conform to earn that trust.. That is so true. I want to live to what I can do and that is being honest. I can only achieve to employ doing what I can do and not what I could do.

Life is so complicated. We live trying to please others and somehow we just fall short because we haven’t got what they expect of us. Expectations can be our ruin. So, I aim to live in achieving what I can do and that is to help others in the things that I do know. Having said that, I have become an outcast and I receive respect only from those who respect what I do and also because I show respect in what they do, rather than impose a criteria for them to like me.

I am not perfect and I do so many mistakes but I have to forgive myself and move on. I have noticed that those who expect of me are so often disappointed with me. Yet, those who just accept my right and wrong ways of achieving things, will lend me a hand and ask me if I need help or support, they are the ones who respect me.

I am always there for everyone but I can only help if I am physically and mentally able too. However, If I am not able too, I know that I am a great listener and I do truly empathise with others. Respect to all is my MOTO but I do not act just to please as my actions can only be warranted if I am able to honestly present myself in such a manner that will not contradict who I am and what I can do.

I know that eventually I will be able to work online and carry out my fundamental wish and that is help people in a manner that I can achieve. I need to find my niche within me to be able to conceive these possibilities of earning and helping others. I anticipate falling over a few times but grazes will not stop me from achieving my goals. I love life and I intend to honour this good life and give as much of myself that is physically and mentally possible.

My intentions are simple. I intend to travel, help people, earn a decent wage and live life to the full. I have so much to learn and so little time to learn but I will go on learning until the day I pass away. Why? Because I love learning. How can you live life to the full and not learn. I hope I am making sense. If not then perhaps, the one not understanding this needs to learn themselves. Life has strange ways of showing you how to embrace life to the full. I intend to live it.

My partner, Tom, has shown me the light on so many topics and I embrace every thing he shows me. He points to positive outcomes and to my surprise there it is, a positive outcome. This positivity is there to embrace and elegantly move on to my next step. He claims I do that for him too. I think that is because we are open to learning and seeing different perspectives. This is how we enjoy life and live it to the full.

The changes within me, scares me sometimes but then I am reminded of the positives. I know that we can make it no matter what is thrown at us and lately there has been many negative outcomes thrown at us and yet, we have picked each other up and hand in hand we picked each other up and continued our journey.


All I can do is thank God for the good in this world and forget the negatives as life is too short to contemplate the negatives. We intend to help others and we will.

Miyetti Seva (14/8/16)

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