My Magnificent Seven

Bearing and rearing seven children.

Each and every one one makes me proud.

I was gifted with seven miracles.

All the joys and woes were worth the trials and tribulations.


Seven is thought to be a lucky number.

Seven is my lucky number.

My magnificent seven reared with love and care.

Unconditional love has been my only vice.


No matter what becomes, there only exist true love for them.

I have modelled three ladies and four gentlemen.

They forge our future generations.


My disadvantaged childhood bore no expression on their childhood.

Determined to give only love at every moment.

They grew with love and only love.


They were great times and hard times.

The importance was not perfection.

The importance was trying our best.


I watch them all and see my given love blossom and multiply.

We did our best against all odds and yet, they blossom and flourish.

Each one makes me proud.


No one can replace our accomplishments.

A family is not one who buys their love.

It is one who knows that no matter what,

that each one of us will be there in each one’s time of need.


No external poison can now penetrate this love.

As love conquers all ills.

No external titter tatter can undo this.

As unconditional love conquers all.


Proud of every seven of them.

No one can take away that eternal love I have for them.

My magnificent seven.


Miyetti Seva