My Nickname is Miyetti

My Nick Name is Miyetti.

Mirage is a web of deceit.

Yvette is my real Christian name.


Never the twain shall meet

Inside the vault of my heart, mind and soul

Courage, I lack to divulge whom I am.

Knowledge is the door to our salvation.


Never again shall I repeat my Christian name

As you seek me here and seek me everywhere.

My calamity is not who I am or who I am not but who you think I am.

Eternity beckons who I am, not who you think I am.


I do not claim to be anyone, I am who I am.

Signing a name does not portray a particular personage.


My Christian name is the same as another.

In my heart and mind she has been for forty years now.

Yvette is a friend that I respect and honour.

Every day I think of meeting her once more.

Then, I met another who loves me truly and he named me Miyetti as

In my teens I was nick named Yetti but still my name is Yvette.


Yvette, Yetti or Miyetti are only signatures.

Each name does not ascribe me a new personage.

To think so would be futile.


Mushu named me not on merit and

Yvette was just a given Christian name


To all who live by their name are blind

Really, one lives according to what is.

Undeniable truth is accepting who you are.

Eternal salvation comes with commendations.


Never judge another

As that could be our damnation.

My name is a mere fashion of its time.

Eternal existence has assigned me many names.


It is thought that Yvette means to come from the Yew tree.

Sensational as it might be, I am not that.


Yew trees are beautiful but it does not personify me as such.

Verify all you want

Exactly how you want.

This still does not describe who I am.

To try to define me would be futile.

Eternal existence discards all my ascribed names and accepts me for who I am.


Miyetti Seva