My Princess Mia

Poem to Mia for her second birthday.

Hello my princess Mia.

My darling Mia.

Today you are two years old. So lucky that you were born in a loving environment just as your mother was.

Walking down the memory lane, I recall the moments I shared with your mother just as your present moments are shared with your mother.

Back in the day when she was cuddled by me and I sang to her ‘Un Petit Canard …’, this rhyme was worth more than a dime as in time this line was her favourite, just as you have a favourite rhyme read to you by your parents.

nicole-and-mia-2016-juneI still envisage those days as I held her in my arms, just as your parents now hold you.

Better still was when I nurtured her as I ventured to immerse her with my love just as your parents immerse you with their love.

I still picture all the days that I played with her as she will remember the days they play with you.

I have not forgotten that I held her hand and guided her through all the rough times and all the great times just as your mum and dad will remember those very moments with you.

My love for her has never swayed, not for one moment, no matter what the outcome is, I will always love her just as their love for you will never sway, no matter what you think at any moment, remember that they always love you.

She was one of my seven miracles that I will always love and cherish, just as you are their loved and cherished miracle.

Every precious moment are held deep within my heart, mind and soul, just as you are their precious gem which is loved in every moment that presents itself within their heart, mind and soul.

Many happy return my little precious princess. I wish to share to you, how much I love you too just as I love your mum who too so loves you.

This is my first poem addressed to you as there will be many more just for you.

Once again, I greet you with the hope that you have the greatest day and a further wonderful year. I send this to your with all my love as I will recite many more as time passes.

I send this to you with all my love my little dove.

Happy birthday Mia, my precious princess.

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