No Pretext Of Life’s Understanding

I sit here writing, debating how my answers could relate to this debate. Whether I attempt to write the sublime in rhyme or just confer to decipher a meaning to an understanding, I bet, there is nothing that i could write to understand the plights of life. I don’t think that I would dare whisper to  the universe a bearing to an understanding to life itself.

Life has so many branches that we latch too. We dance various steps to attain rhythm and sing many tunes to be heard afar but is dancing or singing achieving harmony or are we causing a schism between one another. Are we building bridges between one another? Yet! without the dancing and the singing could we truly understand one another? 

You could dance a stance and sing to bring peace. Yet! there are so many individuals that neither see you nor hear you. You could try to bind the kind of life that synchronises with time, all you like but blindness shadows ones perception and surrenders no deception to any of your redemption and deafness resonates no translations to your messages.  

Is life to understand your plight or does your plight lead you to understand life? Neither question could rally an ally to answer you. Life is a mystery to us all but that is why one must learn as much as one can throughout their life time as time waits for no one. The meek shall inherit the earth begs the understanding that it does not prophesy that the weak shall inherit but those that seek the truth shall inherit and live eternal happiness on earth.

I am succumbed in the aura of wealth. Wealth is not a Pound Sterling or an European Euro but seeking and grasping true knowledge. Each step I seek, I reap and as I read these deeds, I steer towards the unseen. Yet! not to seek the Pound Sterling  or the Euro, could singe your reality.  A dilemma that even the Dalai Lama comprehends.

I truly empathise with life. Or is it life that empathises with me? I know not which is which, so I will continue to seek the truth and endeavour to savour my yearning for my passions. I am not stationed at any destination, I can mediate and accumulate all the life’s woes and joys and surrender only to time. I have no answer to life’s understanding nor to mine. A dilemma that I have come to empathise whilst I strive for the truth.

Realising that stabilising a moment in time would be futile, I do not seek to reel off any understanding of life’s meaning, that would be demeaning to the cause of life’s understanding. Casting my roles within the universe’s infinite loop would perhaps only help me to derail as I am unable to relate my belated tales and tell you how I became so tame. Dilemmas are the realisations of our life’s inheritance.

Do I need to understand life? Would my life shine if I rose to its knowledge of life’s meaning or would I waste time and miss out on the good times if I ran Seeking The knowledge of life. Perhaps I would miss out on the good times if I didn’t understand life’s meaning. Dilemma, dilemma.

Does it really matter who dislikes you, who distrusts you or who is jealous of you? You could indefinitely go on asking yourself all these questions. Do any of the latter questions bear any relations to life’s understanding. I know not of any related answers but I bet those questions does not relate to life’s understanding. A bequest of understanding is a mere quest of accepting what is but then why do I yearn the urge for the search of knowledge. Why then do we search the knowledge of life? 

Miyetti Seva



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