Our Travels Begin Once More

For those who only speak French, click here. Forgive me but my French is not brilliant but enough to get by so I hope it is readable.

Our first port of call is Oliveri Tindari, Sicily. They are many personal reasons as to why we began our journey on the 2nd February, 2017 rather than May 2017, after our wedding.

We are postponing our wedding due to travelling. We caught a taxi to Sheffield train station, then then 3.3 0 AM train to Manchester for £ 8.50 each. we boarded the train, put our luggage in appropriate places, sat ourselves down, nipped to the toilet, sat down and next thing we knew it was Manchester airport, we had fallen asleep without even realising it.

Checked in and flew off at 7.40 AM to Catania, using EasyJet for a mere £ 30 odd each. long queues, it took from the moment we arrived, minus the time we took to nip out of the airport and have a cigarette. Finally reached our seats, sat down and we shared a sandwich and a cup of tea to save money. We spoke a bit, tried to find the best way to stretch our legs in the cramped space Easyjet allows us. Finally we again awake to find ourselves about to land. We began to feel like our dreams were coming true once more.

11 AM, We queue up once more to passport control, slowly edging our way towards the front. Every one trying to push in front of you. Suddenly my calm, serene personality becomes another. One who fights to keep her spot to reach the passport control. We reached it but one got through, yet! once, we passed our passports to the controllers and we passed onto the luggage area, everyone seemed to have disappeared. No more pushing and shoving. All that hustle and bustle for 2 1/2 hours.

Then at 2 PM, we caught the bus to Catania train station.A mere ten minutes ride. So far so good. A bit worn for ware but ok. At this stage we have only sworn at each other once.  Mushu’s main bag only weighs a mere 21.53 kg + his 15kg hand luggage (needed books) and myself with laptop bag + 13 kg bag. Yet at this stage the bags are beginning to feel double their weights and hunger pangs are settling in.

Tickets to Oliveri Tindari are bought for 9 Euros each. we have almost an hour to wait. Food time. I waited sat on the luggage as Mushu escapes for food. During my wait for his return, I sit and watch the sea and the normal bustle at this train station. And here, at this train station we can smoke, I don’t delay to roll my cigarette. Neither do other arrivals at the station, in fact one needed a light, hence he crossed the railway lines to another platform to acquire a light and once he got his light he turned round and crossed the railway lines back to his platform. Job done with great satisfaction.

Mushu returned with an amazing meat and chip cob for an amazing 3 Euro each. It was a feast. Train finally arrives at 3.25 PM and we board our train for 1 1/2 hours to Massina, a ferry port to Italy. This ferry port was where we previously caught the ferry to and from Italy when we last came by car in 2015. Ticket master came round all was fine but for one thing, we forgot to validate our ticket at the station. We were let off this time but he explained that when you buy a ticket you need to validate it in a green machine at the station before you board the train. He was kind and spoke very good English and we sure understood that he had let us off this time but their would not be a second time. Once again we fell asleep and woke up to the tanoi.

We got off our train and rummaged with the bags to another platform, down some steps and back up some other steps to platform 6. Something is not right. the board does stipulate platform 6 but the train is not going to Oliveri Tindari. Tom runs down the steps once more, leaving the bags with me and rushes back exclaim its platform 1. Back on the bags return on our backs. We are now feeling every step. We run but we both feel every step and by now our bags feel four times the weight they actually were. We arrive on platform one and we rush onto our train. We sat down for an hour, well almost.

By now, we are about dead. We wonder if we can make it to the apartment. We finally arrive at Oliveri. We have no euros and this meant that we could not get a taxi even if we could afford one. Saying that their were no taxis around anyway. Some children are playing nearby and Mushu goes to investigates whether the apartment is far from the station. The children knew of the address and express that it is only 200 metres away.  Without hesitation, Mushu releaves me of some bags and we began walking, this was our last trek to our apartment. We finally reached it!

It was now nearly 7PM. We checked in and we were escorted to our apartment. We ran to the bed and collapsed just after telling our families that we had arrived safe and sound. What we didn’t realise was that we had landed in paradise for £317.00 for the month. A whole months rent well spent and a triple bonus to spend it in paradise. We were so worn out that we just fell asleep. Pc needed so Mushu can earn online. Speak to you all later.

I hope you enjoy our journey, more is to come. Let us know if you have any questions.

For those who only speak French, click here. Forgive me but my French is not brilliant but enough to get by so I hope it is readable.

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