Part 1 – The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step


Becoming Aquainted.

For as far as we’re willing to think back, there are an infinite number of moments where we could say ‘it all started’, but for the sake of simplicity and for fear of being a smartarse… Let’s say it all started with a message from an old friend. An opportunity to apply oneself in a manner in which he’d most like to… That he, being me.

Harmony Studios… Sounds about right.

Well, ‘It’s my destiny!’ would have been a more accurate account of the sentiments I held about the prospect. I wanted to serve, to use the resources life had given me to rectify the imbalance of ills in the world, to ease the burdens of my fellow man! Etc 🙂 So, when the opportunity arose I took it without a moments hesitation.

So, I hoofed in some great lung fulls of courage and set off to volunteer to teach meditation to the community of my humble beginnings. I didn’t know anything about the centre, other than it was run by my friends family… Who I knew nothing about.

I remember the anxiety of walking to the centre, knowing full well that had never once taught anybody to meditate, but I was confident I knew enough to wing it!

The studios was set up inside the ‘Old Boiler Rooms’ as the locals called it, a rather large, dilapidated building that I must have walked by a hundred times without ever poking an eye at it. When I arrived my friend was there, karate chopping wood to bits with his brother, Paddy. A handsome pair of chaps with a generous supply of martial arts zest, the whole space was of oozing of it! 🙂

I was introduced to each and everybody, including the lady who would soon become my best friend. She waved from the top of a the metal staircase in the large outhouse building, propped by her crutches, looking merry and selfless.

It became clear from very early on that this was a grass roots operation, family and friends working themselves to death for little to no reward, purely to be of benefit to the community… Awesome 🙂 I felt right at home.

Mushu Seva.

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