Power of ‘Like’ & ‘Share’.

networkHow much does it take to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ someone’s page. Just one share from each friend and each member of the family. Could you imagine, just ‘One Like’ and ‘One Share’. I have 390 friends on Face Book, and if each one, shared to their friends and their friend shared once to their friends and then so on. My God, we would be viral in no time.

At this moment in time, I am writing a book and building up an online social-media-marketing3marketing business. Yet, I find that making myself seen or heard is a major effort. A major effort because when I share my work no one sees it, well I don’t think they do because I never see a like and never see a share. Well, actually I have the odd like from one or two very good friends.

Those friends have taken me far. And there is one thing I learned from another friend is to thank those people who do ‘Like and Share’ your post.thank-you This advice has stayed with me ever since. One Like and One Share from each person could make a potential difference to the outcome of our business.

Another thing that I have learned is to help others before thinking of making money. You know, this is so true and that has always been my goal. My goal is to help others, as much as I possibly can. Life works in mysterious ways and when you begin a new journey, no matter how much planning you think you have done, it is scary.

So scary because there you are stood at the beginning of the path with your worked out map in your hand and suddenly, stood there, it seems different to what you envisaged when you were planning it. When you plan, it seems straight forward and you start checking your list and tick off everything you need. Having organised yourself, you begin that journey.

Boom! There you are on that path, your legs shake and inside you have golden orb spiderthis feeling of ‘should I turn back’ but you look at your map and your check list and everything seems in order, so, you decide to take that plunge and begin that journey. Every step that you make, you heart skips a beat and you consider once more,’should I turn around’. Ten minutes on and when you turn around you no longer see the beginning of the path and hence, you turn back to continue the journey.

All you can hear are your thoughts and perhaps the sounds form the wild. Sounds of the birds, crickets, rats scurrying, what ever the sound is, you think, ‘God, have I done the right thing’. Then, you get a phone call from a friend who actually asks you how your journey is. I answer and I answer the truth. The first one tells you that they are all the way with you and admire how much work you have done. This phone call, makes you see things positively once more.

A second phone call arrives and they tell me “Hey, this is great I am going to tell my friends, take care”. Wow, that was amazing and this keeps you going. The eerie sounds of the wild become the most magical sounds of the wild. I begin to enjoy my path and feel good about myself. Perhaps, I will make it to the end of the journey.golden pheasant

A third friend calls me and ask me if she could join me. Together we tread the unknown path and share each other’s work. This suddenly keeps me going. She helped me walked this path and I helped her walk the same path and we helped each other by giving one another new tips. So now, me and my three friends began a journey hand in hand.

My hard work and their hard work is beginning to be rewarded and that alone keeps me going. I am right now still at the beginning of the path but I am no longer scared to be on my own because I am no longer on my own because I have the support from those friends.holding hands

Could you imagine how it would feel to see the support from all your friends and family, it would be fantastic and overwhelming and with their support I know I would definitely finish this long journey safe. Like and Share keeps you going a long way. I am grateful of the support. I thank everyone who is there with me.

Miyetti Seva


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