Psychic Readings

I have decided that I will restart the psychic reading sessions after several request were made from previous clients. Up until last year, I undertook a break to undergo my own spiritual healing. I felt that I could not give readings unless my mind was clear. Also, my time was preoccupied with my practice, practicing holistic therapy, building our new websites ( Web addresses are below) and writing my books and writing a portfolio of poems.

In order to have time for my readings, I have reduced the intake of holistic therapy clients and decreased the amount spent on the websites with the help of Mu. Together our partnership flourishes and as it blooms, I am able to pursue on this new venture.

Solid training for my work as a medium began decades ago. My experience has allowed myself to be an empathic reader. I haven’t been shielded from life’s ultimate exposures. My encounters have dealt me with personal affairs that have led me to have known loss of my own son and other friends and family members, fear, abuse, poverty, fighting and surviving cancer, mental health issues, heartbreak and sorrow. However, I was just as fortunate in having been witness to personal deep love, motherhood and profound happiness.

Working with the spirit world and paying attention to their unconditional love and guidance I have learned to return this unconditional love. My journey has been nothing short of amazing and I now see my abilities as a gift. Due to my gift I now know without any doubt in my mind, that our loved ones and friends stay with us, steer, direct and support us. I know that in our darkest hour they can lead us away from any precipice we may face. I know that our love for each other on earth cannot be destroyed and lives on after death.

The spirit world passes on so many tips and tools for us all, enabling us all a happy life in pleasure and in work. Surprisingly enough, my confidential work has led me to read to those from all walks of life. I would be happy to share my gift to you, whether it be through a personal consultation, Skype or phone reading.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope your day is turning out to be a really great one. Mi’s highly sought after personal readings now takes place in 


(Please see map in contact us section of this site)

Each reading last approximately 30 minutes, however this can vary from person to person.

You can visit Mi alone and all readings are carried out individually and all guests will be seen separately.

Refreshments will be offered to you while you are waiting to see her.

Your reading will include predictions and spiritual guidance. We will do our best to get you booked in as soon as possible.

There is a standard fee of € 35.00 (£ 30.00) for individual readings

Please call us on 07955986673

to discuss and/or to make your appointment.

Please note:

  • Bookings for readings can be taken via Email or text.
  • It is with regret that due to the workload Mi cannot visit you in your own home.
  • All the readings take place at the above address during the travels.
  • Special Discounts for travelers.

Our Websites are as follows;

Therapy Website Page

Healing Meditation

Our Certificates

Our Facebook Page


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