Second Week in Oliveri, Sicily

In French/ En Francais

So Many things have occurred this week and so little achieved of what we had planned. To begin The a *VPN, click here for an explanation and for mobile link please click here VPN Mobile, VPN worked very well for the match betting and slicethepie ( click on the link, this will take you to the website and express that I have referred you) or you can simply quote them this code UADDA090 but unfortunately it does not work for the pay per click websites. So, if you plan to travel to Europe do not think you could earn extra pocket money doing the pay per clicks, it is a shame but I will go on to see what else I can do, as well as writing these blogs. What we have found is an account whereby you can move money to and from, which is like Paypal which works all over Europe and that is Payoneer ( the link is also an affiliate link), to find out more, click on the link and see how you can earn $25.

Mind you we are waiting to get enough spare cash so I can begin the bet matching myself. However, the time is nearing fast for us to pay for the next month, which is hindering us from making a lucrative profit and instead we break even each time.

Also, we have found that once we have paid for the next place it takes around two weeks to start making money again. Now we have found this place through and we are lucky to have this place for next month for the same price but if we do then we will loose out due to having to touch the money that we need to deposit for the bet matching in order to make the next months rent because in order to stay here next month, we have been requested to pay by the 17th February .This is a catch 22 situation.

However, being in a digital age, the internet does make it easier to find places to stay at relatively decent prices and the payment request is usually the day before or on the day of arrival. They are several means of finding short term lettings, such as, and then there is (now these are Italian estate agents and although thy do accept 3 to 6 months renting they do expect a minimum of two months deposit but their rent is cheap). Now we have been lucky to have found one in Palermo for 40 Euros more than the current place but the payment is not requested until a further 11 days after the payment for this place is wanted. This entitles us to carry on earning and making enough for food too. A way we hope to average this out is having some friends or other travelers share with us, that would make it easier and definitely more interesting.

This week we also plan to visit the Sanctuary at the top of the hills as we have found out from a Polish couple that the bus to it only cost 1 Euro each way and plan to walk back down, we felt we would only brave it one way as it is 5 km away from us. So, we have chosen to walk down hill rather than uphill. When we have been I shall post the photos on this blog page.

We have both ventured out again, and revisited the cliff which stands below the Sanctuary. We found a part of a cave where the entrance is smaller than our height and as we reach the end we need to crawl. However, Tom didn’t kneel enough and hit his head pretty hard on the rok above his head, giving a big graze on top of his head. As we reached the end, the air was thick and warm. You could almost understand how in the past people lived in caves. Also, it is researched evidence that the average ambient temperature usually stays around 20 degrees Celsius, whilst the weather outside could be changing to either cold or hot, cave homes are found to stay stable. Whilst Tom went in further and took photos of his journey I ventured back outside as I saw the thick massive cobwebs on the floor of these caves and my tooth ache by then was beginning to take its toll.

As I waited outside the cave I took photos of the cliff side that Tom has attempted to climb in hope to get to the Sanctuary faster but alas as he climbed he found himself on vertical slopes and had to return down. Our visits is one of many numerous other visitors, as we had found bottles that was used for candles and circles of rocks indicating that fires had been set but no ash was present but perhaps the rain had washed the ashes away, who knows. There were also small bones present in the back of the cave suggesting that perhaps small animals such as rabbits, wild cats had come here to die or brought there by other animals. The whole visit was amazing. The whole walk and cave adventure took us several hours.

We found that by buying a bus ticket from either a newsagent or on the bus itself we could venture further. I wanted to find out about volunteering. I could either take a 28 minutes walk or a bus, either way, I really would like to volunteer but now we have decided to go to Palermo, I perhaps will leave it for now. For those who do visit and do want to volunteer they are two volunteer places nearby. One is ran by the social services. So, it would be worth looking them up and emailing them to see if they need volunteers.

Also, as we walked around we found that they are dancing classes for 3.50 Euros on Tuesday and Friday nights, so we have decided to go along to the one o Tuesday, which is tonight. We can’t wait, we are so excited. Although, we only have our hiking boots, which should make us the only hiker dancers. First time for everything.

The generosity of the locals is amazing. I have had toothache really bad since Friday and Saturday, I could not get out of bed for the pain. We had tried all the natural health remedies and I now realize that it is nerve pain, I have pain radiating up my eye, ear and down my neck but that is my own silly fault as I haven’t been to the dentist since 2002. Paying can be quite expensive but never the less I should have gone. Any Tom ventured out and unfortunately he did not make it into the village before 12 and it was not open in the afternoon either. Yet! The local shop keeper rooted their draw and found ‘OKI’ and sent Tom to ask the local doctor if it was okay for me to have this medication.

The doctor was not available but the secretary was and she confirmed that all was okay and this was from people who did not know us. Same for cigarettes, when the shops are shut their is a cigarette machine available but you do need a certain card and the locals were more than willing to share their card. So, if you make the efforts with the locals they will go the mile for you. Hence, please remember that should you decide to come then make the effort to pick up a few words in Italian and respect them and their customs and all will be amicable and you will benefit from it too. Plus, Italian is such a beautiful language, who would not want to learn it. Every time I attend the supermarket, they teach me how to say the quantity in Italian, I am loving it.

Our gas bottle ran out yesterday and Tom found Sentina, the manager and proprietor of *Tonnara, she is absolutely wonderful, when Tom found her he asked in Italian and she of course replied in Italian and replied ‘Subito’, straightaway. Sentina can always be found before midday and she is always touring the complex and always making the effort to ask you how you are, she is an amazing person. She even rang me one morning and asked me to come to her office and with the excitement in her voice I knew something good was to come from it. I went, and guess what she got us some literature of Oliveri, that was wonderful, my gratitude was shown and greetings were given.

To be honest, although I love it here, I can’t wait to go to Palermo, where indoor and outdoor market fill the streets with fresh fish and meat, which are I am afraid to say much cheaper than Tindari’s local butcher, as nice as they are. You can get a big chicken but for 9 Euro but saying that you can ask for certain cuts from it. Also, unless you buy frozen vegetables you are limited where in Palermo on their markets their is a choice of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Throughout this week I will add the photo images but as it is only 6.40 Am I will leave it at this for the moment and also, the reason it is so early is that I awoke in chronic pain at around 3.30 Am and took a sachet of OKI and started writing the blog. Any way it is time for some rest, now the toot ache has settled a little.

*Tonnara do have their own website to book a place but we did find it cheaper on and for the next month on it is published at 380 Euros for the 28 days/4weeks.

Do not forget that if you  want to know something, do not hesitate to ask us or if you want us to buy you something, ask us and we will do what we can do. Next time our friends.

In French/ En Francais

Miyetti and Mushu


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