Somewhat untitled

Distractions certainly aren’t dwindling inside my head as we all hide inside our homes

from winter winds. It feels like a cluttered, mothballed old library up there. Dust

settles on past pleasures of adventures and a dimly lit corner of love & romance.

With an over bearing presence to be quiet! That’d be an unspoken presence of

course. I don’t particularly know where those distractions come from however, it’s not

from interest. Maybe it’s from being unable to settle? A need to do something but

unsure what that something is. It can make time alone far from relaxing and time with

people unbearable. Only sometimes mind. I think we all feel it & trying to address it

leads us to asking why? At that point my mind blurts out “Well, why do we do

anything?” which takes me to a crossroads. On lazier days I’ll block out that thought

and go and get a cheese toasty or look at pictures of dogs or something. On other

days I open up my eyes and contemplate the world. I watch the sunset or call a friend

(Mocking them so). Maybe I strum the guitar, feeling very much like a hero. It’s at

those moments that make me realise why! Other days I just hide back in my library.


Lain Kieran Sheehan

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