The beat leaps to reap his deeds

No more tours across the moors as I race to embrace the haze of dusk. Way yonder, I learn to trust the spice of life that cuts deep within my heart. I am swayed to ponder to sudden surrender as I am allowed to strive my mind to the bequest. A quest of the unknown as the night sky draws in. I am so aware of the approach of this nights fall.

I am weeping as I deem to welcome a new eve, so I can strive to keep the peace. This tranquillity gives me lease to dig deep for the new rendered prospered wonders of this very bright night. I lack no tact as I slack whilst I relax to my intended’s strumming of his drums. The unblemished sky unleashes the mysterious forces as he relishes in modelling his role to inspire us all, as he transforms our state of mind.

Musically electrified, I humbly hum and strum to his drumming. Stunned I become calm and collected at this fortified moment of time. A time that rhymes as my heightened awareness leads me to envisage my true conviction to become conscious of my luxurious surroundings.

Now, I know I am bestowed with an inspired breath that harbours the reflected thoughts that are detected from selected texts of this night’s revelations. Elevated, I am led to meditate as he is ridden to play his various harmonious musical passions.

The beat leaps to reap his deeds. No need to keep control of the lead as we are fleeing the seven seas. This indeed gives me the seed which teases my passion. As he turns, I yield to his true terms. He in turn returns his devotion with full conviction. Our commotions blossoms our emotions. No nation can ration the immersion of tunes as he swerves, swings and sings to the now blaring compositions. Now, I dare to stare at my date, just as I have of late.

Both immersed to the rehearsed lyrics of the album of ‘Eagles’, we are both christened with the energy that now emanates and permeates the whole room. Engaged within the locomotion of this evolution, it is obvious that this revolution elevates true euphoria right here before us. Now, the enlightened moments shows off his smile that is now truly alive as he strives to ride this iconic episode.

Enchanted by his vitality, my ability is enhanced as we are now in a trance by this chance to glance at a genuine glimpse of this new retrospective evening. His surge of ecstasy merges my urges to purge and nurture this very occurrence. Magically entertained, I am now immersed within his engaged tunes, the aroma of his aura blends right into mine and transcends us to consent us to a leap of faith from one another.

The tools that leads to the desired moods is for no fool. Rich deliverance comes from wealthy moments like these, that are birthed from the healthy choruses. Here is the proof as we choose to roost in our boosted energy. We prefer not to defer as we refer to grasp these momentous occasions.

Never the twain shall meet, as perhaps it is right that we are deprived by the deliverance of the nights bright stars, out there way yonder. Yet! Within this aura we are magically consumed into harmony. Blessed with this pure and pristine peace, we are now fully engaged in the wonders of the seventh heaven. Life is bliss as I write this token for my intended.

I strive to scribe to emulate his emanating beauty that he devotedly portrayed. Here, I am, in awe as I witness his underlying passions that he serves with true convictions. Now, I must practice to participate all of his recitations as I am now hooked and captivated by my adoration’s passions.

Miyetti Seva to Mushu Seva


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