The Beginning

I began this journey as I was working from home. I practiced Colour Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Healing Meditation and Angel Card Reading. From the start I had wonderful help with the website as my efforts were rather futile with the little I knew. My Daniel gave his whole heart and soul into the making of the website and this carried on until the end of the venture.

I had several clients and I truly wanted to help more people, after speaking to my children, especially Patrick, Patrick thought it would perhaps be desirable to hire some premises to practice within the community. We did that. Patrick was very supportive.

We began to look for bigger premises to achieve those goals. We looked at several and finally we had found this boiler place. It was large and costly but if we planned it right we could get those goals across and help the community as we planned.

For a whole year we interviewed many people to attain these goals. The draw back, we never got any of them to sign a contract. Time, money and lots of effort went into the preparations. To the point where Patrick almost dropped out when he realised how much preparations there were. I befriended a lady who helped with some of the organisations and policy making. It was all go system.

When time came, we got all the people to take a tour of the property. They all liked it and verbally we agreed terms. Then, came the time for me and Patrick to sign the contracts. Suddenly 2/3 of the people who agreed to join were never seen again but for me and Patrick it was too late to drop out, we had signed the contracts.

My other son, David, came running like a gallant prince to the rescue. He too was amazing. We all tried to salvage this lost cause. He was brilliant, he got all his friends to come and tried to get them involved and my god he worked his arse off. There we were, all three of us paying for everything we had into this hall and even the Aikido Tutor gave his money from the Aikido lessons towards the place.

One of the friends David had invited to the hall was Tom. David called out to me. We were cleaning up the mess from the open day and I felt worn out. Yet, when ever, David called me, it excited me, I could never work out how he still managed to have so many surprises. Hence, I made my way to the top of the stairs giving myself the view of the garage space below where Patrick, David stood with Tom being introduced.

My David always gave me the feeling that all would be okay and all we needed to do was to stand by each other. I listened to their introduction of Tom. All that I could see was this big bright emanating light coming from the centre of his body. I knew this person was special, yet! I didn’t realise how special he truly was.

All five of us worked in different ways to grow back the list of tutors to operate from the premises. The four of us became partners, David, Patrick, Tom and myself.

Miyetti Seva





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