Tick Tock The Time Goes By


Tick Tock, the centaurs ventures in synchronicity and aborts no mission it pursues. The centaurs tours the universe in unison as the garrisons looses not one system that it operates. Time is worth more than a dime and it is priceless to those who pride in riding the moments. Moments that can not be commented on but solely to allow the time to permeate within ones heart, mind and soul.

Tick Tock, the time never docks at what ever cost, it is a universal point of time that never waits or skips to the next moment of time. Time never utters the previous minutes or the next mission, only expels this moment, this precise second. There is no point to schedual a dual with time as time waits for no one. This second beckons the  beacon light which shines bright at night and shadows the moment in day light giving in to the person’s plight at the prime of time.

Tick Tock, the clock chimes at the prime of time and signs its emotional seal. The seal is not the deal just a sign of acceptance. Accepting the unprompted process. We need not protest at the indefinite progress of time. There are no lotions for these portions of motions that touch deep down into our emotions nor any seals of approval for our own joys or sorrow, only waves that saves the notion of time. The precious gem is the mesh that stashes the lushes moments that you succumb to within that very second.

Tick Tock, each second there is a person that stashes a memoir but no mesh can catch or stash the existence of time as time never docks. The clocks may succumb to decay but time travels indefinitely. Each person gallops to their prospective futures that lurks just around the corner, yet! time is present only in this very moment. we could fool ourselves and loose ourselves but time never looses a precious second.

Tick Tock, the clock drives its notion into the ocean of pearls revealing the appealing notions of mankind. Time is culturally and sociologically unaware and gives us all that very second. Time has no language barrier nor does it choose which person should receive time as every person on earth and heaven receives their moments. How kind is the time that allows mankind to ride the moment that rhymes with the passage of that very second. The lesson is to flow with the time.

Tick Tock, each moment that I write this passage, I attain new messages. Messages that translates the mechanisms of each cog which turns at each second and renders not to asunder. I surrender only to time. Assigned to address time with progression of my own understanding of time. It would be clandestine not to dance and recite the woes and joys that each second brings.

Tick Tock the clock beckons another second and each second we surrender to that very moment. Is this to be another verse that renders joy to the universe or is it another rehearsed verse the gives space to sorrow. No one knows what the next verse is, so why not enjoy this very moment whilst you can. Stand and recite only the truth and sing out aloud what you believe and you shall be set free to ride the stars of time.

Tick Tock, I praise to the Lord for allowing me to express the very moments of my life and send it with love to the universe. All its verses spilling before the stars, revealing all the dealings of my joys and sorrows that I have attained throughout my earthly reign. The arrival of my messages translates the deity that survives with the bright times, right now, this very second.

Miyetti Seva to Mushu Seva





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