To do not die

Just let it go you shambles, brambles in hair and rambles on tree. An old carved love

heart from some old dear can also bring a tear. Nostalgic wish washy feelings come

strong like a tidal wave over me when I think of those by gone days. Heat waves in a

daytime daze. Just the idea of flesh on a knife with sawdust curls rather than blood

stained pearls however would be preferable.

Just let it go. I feel as if the warm feeling in that place where anxiety lays is from

nostalgia and the anxiety that ruthlessly replaces the warmth comes from a feeling of

“missing out!” I’ve never gone without though but maybe that’s the point? I need


More warmth, more force, more migration, more knowledge, friends, revenge, less

pain, less drain, more Lain, more! And breathe… No war, no torn down doors, no

slap on the chin and shot on the floor, no more giving to the rich what was taken from

the poor. No more laughing at those who have different flaws. No more pretending

those shores are yours! Just let it go.


Lain Kieran Sheehan

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