Travelling To Palermo


DSCN2301.JPGThe 4th week just flew by, we tried to cram everything in that we thought we might have missed. We went around all those whom we had written the information on just to check that they were happy about the article, and of course they were. We retraced our footsteps to parts we felt a passion for. The whole week was all system go. It sure was buzzing. As the week drew to an end we felt this inner fear and anxiety that perhaps moving on from somewhere as beautiful as Oliveri would perhaps ruin our travels.

The last two days were a mixture of travel planning and trying to fit in any further adventures that we could possibly fit in. The planning was simple.

DSCN2357.JPGPacking our bags was another tale altogether. We even thought that perhaps our bags would this time round weigh lighter than from when we first came, it didn’t. Traveling to Palermo by train was like taking a tour, as we sat the 172km, we watched Sicily’s north coast with delight. The view was breath taking.

DSCN2358.JPGThey were villages sat above the hills, chateau and clustered villages and farms that we passed by. The whole 4 hours just flew by, as we were continuously occupied with its natural beauty. We were amazed at how a lick of paint definitely cheered the neighbourhood up. As for those that were left untouched seemed sombre and monotone compared to those that were illuminated with vibrant colours.

Oliveri train station

They were not many house along the coast but many apartments. These were not those of Gleadless Valley that we have left behind, these were tastefully erected with balconies and shutters.

Along the 172Km coast journey to Palermo, Sicily

Although, we have learned that the balconies and shutters are not a mere decoration but vital to the people living in those apartments. Not many have gardens and the balcony is their only free outdoor space. Somewhere for that person to relax and watch the world go by, grow their few flowers and even vegetables. The shutters are a necessaty to these locals as the weather gets so hot throughout the day that keeping their wooden shutters firmly shut will keep their apartments cool and at night or on cold windy days, it will keep warmer.

These balconies make a difference in that persons life, when you live in apartments, life can become isolated but the presence of that balcony will enhance that persons life tremendously. In fact 10 minutes sat in sun each day will give you your required daily amount of vitamin D. Obviously that is not why they sit there, ‘oh I need my vitamin D’, is not their primary thought. Why they do sit or stand on their balconies is to feel part of society, a quick ‘hello’, is all is needed to not feel isolated. A quick catch up with the neighbour on the local news is all that is yearned for.

Putting all that aside, our arrival in Palermo was scary as when we last came in 2015, we didn’t like Palermo but we did come by car. You might wonder as to what difference a car would make. Well, it made a big difference, yes we had our bags to cart around but this time we immediately noticed the beauty, its historical aspects, its architecture and the locals. At the time the tourist had not yet arrived and the difference was phenominal.

To summarise our month in Olivery, we had an amazing time. We met some wonderful people, we stayed in an amazing holiday resort which totally resembled paradise, we met the best award winner of Sicily’s icecream ( Alessandro Squatrito Click Here). We managed to take partake in long walks with breathtaking views, visit amazing monumental buildings, a beautiful clean quiet beach and we had managed to earn some money from working online.

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