Unconditional Love and Conditional Love.

Unconditional Love and Conditional Love.

Universal love is pure love.
No one should stand in the process of growth.
Conditions of the mind will interfere with the burning positive energy.
Over and beyond the call of duty is just a perception.
No right or wrong just
Devotion for purity and light
Is all that is needed in the moment of need.
To walk forward, hand in hand with no demands of anyone else. It
Is to allow for growth of each and every one of us.
On reflection, that is all we can do, there is
No right and wrong.
All is within one’s perceptions.
Love will conquer and the meek will inherit.

Look no further and demand no more.
Override the impulse of want as
Very rarely is the grass greener on the other side.
Expectations is futile in the world of love, expect nothing and all will fall into place.

Attain unconditional love and you will be set free.
No more fears of what is to be or what could have been.
Don’t fight what is just flow with the waves of light.

Conditional love only brings destruction.
Of course you have dreams but are those dreams your own perceptions.
Never confuse what should be with what is.
Defence for one’s own perception can only lead to misery.
It is, conditional love is, just a perception of what you think is right or wrong.
To accept what is, is to embrace life for what it is.
It stand to reason that expectations and desires can lead to one’s destruction.
Oh! how I so often thought that love was the answer but is it?
Never categorise a situation, just accept the situation.
All is not what it seems as it is just what it is.
Long gone are the days, when we blame a situation on other sources.

Love is accepting what is and dealing with it kindly and empathetically.
Over the years that have gone and will come, I now know to accept unconditionally.
Very rarely will we need to expect if we accept what is.
Everything that occurs is because it is our learning path, our path to consciousness.

From Miyetti Seva with Love to To Mushu Seva