Today, I have come to a halt. I am told I must not be bold. What transcends today are the blends that mends no heart. Truth be known they are secrets not to be told. Here, there is a hold that shackles my emotion.

I am left harboured with my inner torments. Turmoil that lay fermenting within me are no longer dormant. I accept to let it be and to step back. I adapt to the rap that wraps the very sap of inner turmoil.

Deemed to dream the eventualities of my realities. Esteemed to reap the abilities to my capabilities. All is pristine as I am deep in my prestigious eccentricity. All this simplicity could lead to any possibilities.

Deep down within my mind, all grinds as I am blind to my plight. Its not right that I fight for what is right. Perhaps I’ l write about my sights. We all know the fright that I endured which was blighted and not pure. Yet! In debt to bet that we should not let the threat rev our stead.

I mustn’t utter a further occurrence as appearance is of the utmost importance. So kind are the thoughts of how wrought one is, rather than fear the tears of how it appears. Oblivion to millions that the kingdom of freedom is seldom taken. Mistaken are the ravens which governs our Trojans.

Where about is our rights to describe our rights? There is doubt in our lives that strives a sigh. Proud to prow the nights might ascribe you a rite. Crowded by rows, blights our sight to reap the dreams you yearn.

Some men think it is a safe bet to set a date to rape. Married or not the date is not a prescribed remedy. In fact, there is no tact to hit another. It is exact that you lack a back bone when you beat another.

I care not for a man who’s wrath wraps another. I set asunder all claims of blunder to the one that dares to say that he has rights to beat another. No excuses musters the plight of fright on another. He who dares to hurt another should be made to face the same demons.

I am blown if I am to say nothing as others suffer in other men’s wrath. I will not hush for the fear of you flustering. I will fare to care if I say what is right. I know my rhymes could save another women of their plight from their fright.

Follow me as I write about your plight. I am not scared, I dare to fare for a fair flight. I am unshackled from my fears, they are no more tears. I am here to help you see the light.

Miyetti Seva



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