Your Online Tools to Start Marketing

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Your Online Tools to Start Marketing

1. Begin with finding a website, such as Stirubix.

Siterubix!. Website Affiliate Program, ‘Basics’ for joining ‘Affiliate Programs’ is to start with getting yourself a website.

You can get one set up within 30 seconds, try this one Stirubix.

you need a business website but don’t know which online site editor should you use? In my Site Rubix review I will be looking at a site builder that uses the WordPress content management system. It’s very quick and easy to set up your site and offers something that’s missing from all the other editors.

Having a website is vital if you are starting a business to earn money online.

They Offer;

Product: Site Rubix Website Builder
Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100 or 5/5stars
Price: free
Ease of use: easy – intermediate
Website: Stirubix.


SiteRubix (SR) was launched in 2007 and was originally a drag a drop editor, but has been updated regularly to always be at the forefront of technical innovation. The platform provides a newbie friendly, modern environment.

What is Site Rubix?

SiteRubix is a site builder that allows anyone to create their own website for free. In fact, you are allowed to build two free websites. SR is supported by Wealthy Affiliate (an internet marketing training platform) and you are given step-by-step instructions on setting up your site.


Who is it For?

SiteRubix is especially useful for beginners as you are taken through the process of setting up your website in easy lessons. It’s possible to have the framework of your site online in just a few seconds.

Here are some examples of what you could use your free site for: a blog about your hobby or pastime, a family website with photos of birthdays, holidays… an offline business site, a personal blog, a site with wedding photos or you could start an online business site.

Ease of Use.

It is very easy to set up, there are four simple steps:

  • Choose the domain name and make sure it’s available. Actually, you are really selecting a sub-domain as your site is part of the domain. It will look like this:


2. DreamHost


  • PROS

    Lots of security features. Extensive domain-management tools. Good VPS offering. Unlimited data transfers per month. Cloud storage plans. Generous money-back guarantee.
  • CONS

    No site builder. Lacks Windows-based servers. May prove intimidating to the uninitiated.

    Dreamhost strikes a near-perfect balance of features and price, but it’s for users who are familiar with website administration. If you don’t have the tools to build your own site or don’t already have one to migrate, Dreamhost might not be for you.

DreamHost Shared Web Hosting Packages

DreamHost’s tierless shared Web hosting plan ( a one-year commitment) offers unlimited disk storage space, domains, email, and monthly data transfers. DreamHost gives you your first .com, .net, .org, or .info domain for free, but you have to pay the registration fee for additional domains.





Perhaps you are searching for someone to Host your photography website. whether you’re an amateur or professional you will find all the features you need with them backed by their managed support.


Blazing Fast SSD Website Hosting. Websites using popular software such as:

  • Sytist
  • Photocrati for WordPress
  • Stockbox Photo Gallery love SSD web hosting.


Complete WordPress Hosting optimized for photographers, for your gallery, portfolio, events, clients and blog. Premium themes and plugins included.


Complete WordPress maintenance care plans giving you peace of mind. Let us take control and keep your website safe, backed up and up to date.



music teacher website banner

When you sign up for Music Teacher’s Helper, you get your own professionally-designed studio website (even with the Free plan!) at This is where you and your students can go to login. Potential students can also register for your studio and be automatically entered in your account. If you already have a website at your own domain name, you have a few options for integrating it with Music Teacher’s Helper.

  1. You may find that your Music Teacher’s Helper studio website does everything that your current website does, and more. If so, you may want to simply redirect your existing website to your new Music Teacher’s Helper website. You can do this through your domain registrar (ie. GoDaddy, etc.).
  2. If you have everything you want on your own website, and only want to use the “logged in” portion of Music Teacher’s Helper, then you can put a login form to Music Teacher’s Helper on your website so you and your students can login from your own website. View login form code and instructions.

Then to create your Autoresponder

You need for example Aweber

All the tools you need to send emails the right way.

Email is perfect for keeping your brand top of mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or meet you in person. And when you join the community where email automation began, you get access to all features and a team that’s 100% devoted to your success.


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Awber website imageAweber

About Aweber

AWeber is an email marketing service provider that enables over 120,000 entrepreneurs, bloggers and other small business owners around the world to communicate with their audiences through email. They were also voted number 1 among the other 25 leading email service providers by PCMag readers, which includes their incredible customers.

AWeber Product Highlights

  • Automated email campaigns and autoresponders
  • Email templates, stock-free image gallery
  • Mobile apps
  • Advanced analytics and segmentation capabilities
  • Industry-leading deliverability
  • Award-winning Customer Solutions team


Also, if you need a

Membership Site

WordPress Membership Plugin


WP Shopping Cart


or you would like an



Then, You might want to join some FREE Affiliate Programs Pluggins

WP Affiliate Platform

WP Affiliate Platform

I will build this page up slowly but this is a start. If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I will be glad to help.


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